Fast Cool Cars          1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Earnhardt Paint


1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Custom Earnhardt paint

1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Course Racer (Earnhardt Paint), street legal ride on your web site. The car is seen running at an SCCA Solo II pylon course events. The photos are the latest photos of the car with the new spec. NASCAR air dam. The car is pretty close to the real Earnhardt Race car. The car has a 2 inch drop on the suspension, Eibach HiPo Springs, strut bars front/rear, Goodyear RSA rubber found on many police fleets great for street and track, real sticky when hot- 16 inch Chevy rims, a racing seat and harness, A GT competition wheel and a 5 inch Dixco Tach for watching the engine spool up.