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1998 Plymouth Neon

1998 Plymouth Neon - It has a 1995 2.0 block bored 30 over with eagle rods and J&E piston at 9-5 to 1 It has an over size throttle body at 60 mm. It has a pacer header and custom exhaust with a flowmaster dual outlet muffler. The head intake and header have all been ported to match. The valves are titanium sodium filled. It now has an Iceman cold air intake that can be seen in the picture with the girl standing next to it at the show. The timing belt is a high performance belt and it has an under drive crank pulley. new wheels on her but the pics of the whole car does they are prolines at 17 inchs and have Bridgestone GOO 9 at p205 40 R17 worth a Z rating for speed. The interior has a 4 point roll bar with a fire extinguisher mounted on the cross bar behind the 3a racing seats and a APC racing steering wheel. It Has a Sony Xplod stereo with a CD. It has 8 inch MTX speakers in rear with a 12 in Sony Xplod sub waiting to be installed. It also Has a DVD player with a 7 inch TFT screen (NOT permanently mounted yet as I can't decide where to put it) it also has had the rear seat removed to make it a two seater. On the outside it has blitz Front bumper with metal Z 3 fenders a RT hood snyper side skirts and rear bumper the wing is a custom fit I did from a car I purchased wrecked and I don't know who makes it. It also has a molded in roof scoop with the radio antenna moved to the back of the roof. It also has custom mirrors with the turn signals in them. The cowl panel has been painted with flip flop paint. And it has a custom install fuel fill door. It also has no key locks on the outside and the third brake light has been shaved and moved to the wing. There is more but I can't think of it now and we are installing Lambo doors with electric lifts. All work has been done by me. Hopefully the car will be painted by the end of summer. - Thanks, Jim - S/Sgt. James Donahue - Trades Instructor III - Ferris Motor Pool