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1991 Black Stealth R/T TT

1991 Black Stealth R/T TT with 60,000mi. It's got a red leather interior with cassette and CD player (computer controlled), automatic climate control system. It originally came with Electronic controlled suspension (the first electronic susp I've heard of), but both this Black Stealth and my Green Stealth TT's came with upgrades to GAB adj racing shocks. The GAB doesn't soften up like the electronics, but it is stronger shocks and much larger pistons. The 3L in this car made 300bhp to start, but has been upgraded with a restrictor upping another 20bhp(2# of boost) and the "Sport" Exhaust is locked and can no longer close down to "Tour" sound levels. I like 'em loud and am installing a 3" downpipe and removing the 3 Cats which added another 40 bhp, then I'll up the boost another 5psi fo0r another 35bhp getting me about 400bhp. The car is equipped with AWD and AW Steering. These cars were de-tuned for North America so that they would only slightly beat the Corvette ZR1s. The European and Japanese models came with 13G Turbos instead of the little 9B turbos on North American cars. These cars were also to close in performance to the Viper with the larger Turbos.