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1991 3000 GT VR-4 For Sale

1991 3000 GT VR-4 - This is a very nice Twin Turbo, 4WD, 4wheel steer car that was rebuilt 20000 miles ago from the bottom up. Also new DR 500 turbos with bigger intercoolers were added. To go with it a complete chrome piping kit was installed. With boost being controlled buy a brand new Greddy EBC and Blow off valve. Fuel curve is adjusted with a ARC 2 controller and a big PRO M racing MAF with RC550 injectors and a Walpro fuel pump. Controller in mounted in the glove box with air/fuel gauges and boost gauges. The clutch is a 3SX stage 2 assembly. With a short throw shifter on top of a smooth shifting transmission with no whines or grinding. The slave cylinder has been replaced and a stainless steel hose added. The motor has been polished to a chrome like shine and looks real nice. All the vacuum lines have been replaced with silicone. The front end has all new ball joints and tie rod ends installed. Along with all new rubber brake lines. The tires are in real good shape they are 245/40/18 mounted on chrome rims. The body is in real nice shape with only a few minor scratches and dings. (never wrecked). The interior has both front seats recovered and look real good. There has been over $25000 put in the car and I am only asking $7000.