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Huge Personal GM Car Collection of Rick Treworgy


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Visiting a fabulous GM car collection!

This is one amazing "private car collection." The collection was housed in a rather large warehouse. One of the latest acquisitions was
a beautiful 1957 Bel Air, which will soon have a all new tube chassis and a new motor installed. There was a whole room full of Corvettes, old Chevrolets and various other General Motors vehicles. I mean talk about being in heaven - WOW. I will just let you look and realize that the pictures do not do justice to this collection.

There was a "Miss Budweiser" unlimited hydroplane along with the trailer and hauler. This is the Number 1 hull.

There are many fine examples of some of the nicest vehicles that General Motors has made. And for Rick collection there is no slacking on the quality of the cars and the condition that they are in.

Rick wanted to get cars with the big motors, available from dealers and stick shifts.
He has a late model Camaro with 600 horsepower. That is something that many people have not seen, I guess there were only 69 produced and all were spoken for in advance.

There is a white mid-year with a newer Z06 badge on the front fender and a C5 Logo on the front fascia, the story behind that is and was very amazing when the hood was opened and and you see what was inside. A LS6 C5 Z06 engine. (Stock HP rating on 02-04 Z06's is 405 HP/400 TQ)

This was a 'very fun car to drive' I was told. There are a few "gems" like this along with many originals.
Who could ask for anything more?. It is people like this that keep the hobby alive and well. By the way, all the vehicles are taken out and driven every few months.

Whoever said "You can't get enough of a good thing" must have been talking about the car collection of Rick Treworgy.

Rick's newest acquisition, was a beautiful 1968 Impala convertible. It has been upgraded with an LS1 Corvette motor and many other modern conveniences.

Rick is the man in the above photo, showing his hospitality to all.

Very impressing U-1 Miss Budweiser hydroplane. If the motor was still in it, the Budweiser decals would have to be removed.

Rick also had to agree that he would never race it or allow any other hulls to be made from this prototype. Everyone was amazed when they looked out the door and saw another Miss Budweiser show up. This one I understand will be powered perhaps by the time you read this. How cool is that!


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