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Chip Fooseís space-age hotrod, called simply the Foose Coupe, is an exercise in the extremes of automotive design and materials, the Foose Coupe last claimed a retail price of $330,000 in open bidding.

Foose Coupe - Featuring a unique look, custom features and supercar-level performance, the Foose Coupe last claimed a retail price of $330,000 in open bidding. That may seem like a hefty price for a hot rod, but the Foose Coupe is as much exotic as it is American iron. A dry carbon fiber monocoque helps keep the carís weight down to about 2,300lbs (1,050kg) while the power provided by this exampleís 6.4L Hemi yields a power-to-weight ratio that many Ferraris and Lamborghinis can only aspire to. Weight distribution is also excellent thanks to the mid-engine design and rear-wheel drive ensures classic handling tendencies.

Rated at 500hp (373kW) and 480lb-ft (648Nm) of torque, the Foose Coupeís 4.6lb/hp (2.81kg/kW) tops even the Ferrari F430ís 6.6lb/hp (4.0kg/kW). But itís not all about power. The Coupe is also a completely custom hot-rod inspired work of automotive art. Plush leather seating, carbon fiber trim, and in this customerís car, a pistol grip shifter for the five-speed manual. A fully independent front and rear suspension, 14-inch brake discs with six-piston Baer calipers and 20-inch polished alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires complete the package. The flames lining the carís exterior were hand-painted by Chip Foose himself.