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Tesla's all electric vehicle - Eco Friendly Cars

2008 All Electric Tesla Roadster - The Tesla Roadster is not your normal car. While it may appear a little complicated at first glance it really is a simple machine. And on the other hand, it is like nothing else that you probably have driven before. Even though it appears to resemble a Lotus, it is a great little car all on its own, something quite unique indeed. I think that the first thing that one notices with the Tesla is that it is a very sleek and fast looking car, unlike most other electric vehicles. It is a little larger and wider then a Lotus Elise. This vehicle definitely looks adult, and not go kart looking at all, it also feels more like a real car then one would think that an electric car would.

Driving the Tesla All Electric vehicle will put a huge grin on your face, and to know that you are making the world a better place at the same time you are driving is something that can't be beat.