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One of the top ten fastest cars in the world.

Here at we like to stay on top of most all auto related things. So with that being said, here is a list of the top ten fastest cars in the world as we have found. Any car enthusiast knows that records and cars are always being created and changed, so enjoy this listing while it last. (until something else breaks new records.) The thing about most of these high speed records is that they usually have lots of carbon fiber pieces on the vehicle, as to lower overall weight, and add strength. And you will also notice that most of them are forced induction vehicles, not naturally aspirated. Lots of people think that the Bugatti owns the fastest car in the world title. Not true, it actually comes in 5th in our listing of the top ten. Number 1, the Fastest Car in the World is the Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero, top speed of 257 mph