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2000 Chevrolet S-10 Extend Cab Low Rider


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2000 Chevy s10 left side view, cool Weld Rod Lite wheels - Polished aluminum of course
2000 Chevy s10 left rear angle view very dark tinted windows 2000 Chevy s10 left rear angle view low rider low view 2000 Chevy s10 check out the bed cover and tail lights low rider
2000 Chevy s10 rear view, nice tonneau cover and tail lights
2000 Chevy s10 left front angle view
2000 s10 cool blue headlights, low rider
2000 s10 right front angle view
2000 s10 right side view, see how low
2000 s10 with tonneau cover lifted up on phuematic shocks
2000 s10 the rear Weld wheel - polished aluminum low rider
2000 s10 white faced guages - Sunpro tach - Pioneer CD stereo low mileage

2000 s10 3 door extend cab - nice interior - Sony explode speakers

2000 s10 - 4.3 V-6 with K&N cold air intake kit 2000 s10 - 4.3 V-6 with K&N cold air intake kit Parential Advisory Excessive Power, that about says it all, more power then needed to haul your happy ass around, - Fast Cool Cars


This is my 2000 Chevy S10 Extend cab - Lowrider, 3 doors, 4 speed automatic, It has 3 inch dropped front spindles and the 2 inch rear lowered, it is a 4.3 V-6 and has only 57K on the truck and engine. It has a K&N cold air intake set up installed, Very dark tinted windows. Nicely installed and working lift tonneau bed cover, rubber bed floor liner, and rear chrome tail lights. A nice set of Weld Rod Lites - polished aluminum wheels, Fat in the rear, smaller in the front, shaved side and rear emblems. A billet aluminum antenna replaces the original one. A very nice low rider.
There is Cool Blue headlights installed in place of the originals, a smoked bug shield on front, a set of white faced gauges, a Sunpro tach , Pioneer CD stereo, with Sony Explode speakers. It has a custom exhaust with turn downs after the cab. Clear front turn light lens replace the originals too.

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This is the power plant for this very cool low rider, a  4.3 V-6 with the K&N cold air kit installed, it puts out enough power to roast the fat tires on the Weld wheels. One of the best things about my ride here is that it is 100% paid for in full. I traded even into it, and will be trading it very soon for a Corvette, as soon as the title comes in for this truck. (smile) This truck books at $10,800 average price, and has approx. $5000 in extras added to it. This truck is in above average condition, and very clean.

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