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Fast Cool 1996 Eclipse RS

Click on images to enlarge.
1996 mitsubishi eclipse, moonroof, very cool 17" wheels
1996 Eclipse, engine compartment, DOHC 2.0 liter engine with spyder transmission
1996 eclipse, interior, 5 speed, leather, CD stereo, tinted windows
1996 Eclipse, front view, areodynamic fast cool car
1996 Mit. Eclipse Heathers fast cool car
1996 Eclipse, nice picture on personal page
1996 Eclipse shiny 17" aluminum wheels, wide tires, fast cool car
Heathers cool personalized plate "Hex"

96 eclipse rear view check out the license plate 1996 eclipse,

This is a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. It is a 2.0 DOHC, with a 5 speed Eclipse Spyder transmission in it. It has a new set of 17" polished aluminum wheels, with new chrome and lock lugs. A new set of Kumho 225/45/17 road rally racing tires. Dark tinted windows, leather interior. CD player, sounds great. Blue dot headlamps. Chrome and purple dot light replacement windshield sprayers. Chrome dragon plate frame with red eyes that light up, framed around the personalized registered plate that says "HEX". Click to see the BMW 740 IL that she is driving as of August 2005. Click to see her newest ride, a white 2000 Eclipse GT, that she bought March 29, 2006.


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