Fast Cars          C3R Corvette


This is the C3R which is a C6 (Corvette) Platform based Retro of a 1969 Corvette Stingray.

The C3R Corvette is a re-bodied design of the C6 Corvette, the current version. It takes its inspiration from the classic 1968-72 Corvette Stingray, featuring similar high-sloping front and rear fender peaks and razor-sharp nose to give the C3R that distinctive silhouette we all love on the 3rd generation Corvettes.

Many car enthusiasts dream of a sports car that is not only a pleasure to drive, but is all the more gratifying to behold. A car that makes it from concept to production without being watered down by the mass-marketing bureaucrats' in the automotive industries. Well the waiting is over and based on the reaction of enthusiasts the world over, the C3R is that car.