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How to Beat Your Auto Dealer and Drive Away Smiling.

"When was the last time you were told that you were crazy on your trade in?" In other words no equity on your trade...

"A proven method on how to buy your next vehicle, is to educate yourself with lots of information before making that next big purchase" People are not always honest or up front with you, especially when it comes to buying a new vehicle. So one of the best things you can do is research, research and more research, before making that next automobile purchase. Check with KBB dot com and NADA dot com for selling and buying values. Also check on craigslist to see what other similar vehicles are going for. That way you can have a foundation to start with. Also when looking at you next vehicle purchase, make sure you look over the whole vehicle thoroughly, and if you are not very familiar with what and where to look, then bring someone who is. Or ask to bring it to a certified mechanic or professional, and have them perform a complete inspection. Some of these places may charge you a fee for a inspection, but the $50 or so can be well spent insurance money to save yourself from spending thousands and finding out about a problem after-wards.

Salespeople at dealerships and used car lots usually always start out asking the most they think they can get for each vehicle. And they do have a bottom dollar amount/figure that they are usually willing to go down to as well. Knowing this ahead of time can save you money right from the get go. You as well should have a pre-set number/price in your head after doing your research on what you would like to pay. And a small margin of what you may be willing to go up to. Try to make sure that you never give more then the vehicle is valued at. Reason here is that when and if you decide to sell the vehicle no one else is probably going to want to pay more then it is worth, and if you have it for a bit, and add more mileage to it, that will only bring the value down. Don't buy with emotions, just because you like the color or model, or addition add ons, like shinny chrome wheels or custom sound system. Lots of those extras you can also add later after you buy a vehicle.  There are many great deals out there on the Internet, you just have to look for them.

When the deal is getting closer to starting the paperwork, be on the lookout for extras that can and usually do get thrown in from lots of dealers. They can and often do say they'll give you x amount of dollars for your trade-in (more then you'd expect),... But in reality when the paperwork starts you find that the great trade in value you got on your old car is matched up against a inflated new/used car price with all kind of additional charges. So basically you're not getting more for your trade in, because they have added more charges to the new purchase you're making. Best thing here is to go in with your own money in hand or pre-certified loan at a financial institution of your choice. Home equity loans are often a good option here especially since, according to the loan professionals at BB&T, "home equity loans and lines of credit carry lower interest rates than typical auto loans and can be repaid over a longer term." More importantly, getting a loan from a third-party puts all the bartering power in your hands. So, if you do not like the deal they offer, or they're not meeting you're maximum amount you want to spend, then leave and hunt elsewhere. Half the time when people do just that, they are surprised to find out that the dealership or car lot will call them back later that day or in a day or two and ask them to come back. Stand your ground!

How did you feel the last time you bought a new car?

Now you can feel confident, safe and secure.

You're in control! Now, you hold the keys, for the first time.

Auto buying success is in the palm of your hands.
How did you really feel?

By using the wonderful world of the Internet, and its vast selection of web sites and buying techniques, you can save thousands and thousands of dollars. Be confident and educate yourself. Talk to your friends and family. Find car enthusiasts through them and have them help you.

Getting a CarFax or other vehicle history report is usually always a great idea as well. There are so many vehicles out there now-a-days that have flood or rebuilt titles. If these vehicles were repaired correct by professional certified repair persons, and passed all needed inspections, then the vehicle is still only usually worth one half of its book value. And if you ever plan to re-sell the vehicle most people do not want to buy with a title that says salvage, flood, totaled etc. and almost all dealerships and car lots will not even take them in on trades. (because they know they can not sell them to the average consumer, and if they come across a buyer, they can't make any money.)

If you do have a trade in you're expecting to use towards t he purchase of a new vehicle, make sure you look up its value. If you've added extras items to your trade in, like chrome wheels or a better sound system, or things of this nature. Do not expect to get more value then what the actual value of the vehicle is. Best thing to do would be to take your chrome wheels and awesome stereo out and off of the trade in and put back on the stock stuff. Then resell the extras to offset your new purchase. Or save the things and use on a future vehicle.


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