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Girls and Cars from 2 Fast 2 Furious, 3 full pages of "Fast Cool Cars" and the pretty women to go with them.

Welcome to the Import section of Fast Cool Cars. This is a special page with just Import logos so that anyone who wants or needs logos for their own web page(s) may use some of these, or in case they want to see what a certain logo looks like. A lot of the pages on this web site have "next" listed on them, (multiple pages). This is a format that I have made, so that the few people that are still on a dial up connection will not have to wait for loading times that are more than a few moments. There are many pictures posted on each page, they are all thumbnails that can be enlarged by clicking on them. There are many people and their Fast Cool Cars listed here.  We also have a engines, interior, and wheels section  for your Import  cars. We have many other sections for your enjoyment, check them out. We have a working horsepower calculator, and a Guestbook, stop on by that page and leave a message. If you have a Fast Cool Car, or accessories for sale, check out the classifieds page.

1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, One of the Worlds fastest Street Legal Cars, 254.7 MPH


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