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10 Chevrolet Camaro's doing burnouts all at the same time side-by-side
A nice Group of Chevrolet Camaros

A pair of 2003 Ford Mustang Cobras doing burnouts
Ford Cobra's
427 Chevrolet Corvette roasting the tires
427 Corvette
Buick GN burnout
Buick GN
Suzuki Motorcycle burnout
Buick Grand National burnout
Buick GN
Buick Grand National burnout
Gran National
Racecar smoldering the tires in a few victory donuts
Chevrolet Camaro roasting the rear tires
Plymouth Duster doing huge burnout
Buick GN burnout
Gran National
Older Chevrolet Camaro burnout
Pontiac Firebird burnout
Ford SVT Lightning Pick-up roasting the tires
Ford Lightning

Late Model GM doing huge burnout.
Late model GM

Fast Cool Cars Awesome New Car Videos Section

One Minute 25 seconds of burnouts very cool video.

Awesome picture of ten General Motors cars doing a burnout at the same time at the top. Then a pair of Mustang Cobra Terminators, a coupe and a convertible smoking the tires, not to hard to do with the factory supercharged twin cam V8 and six speed transmissions. A 427 Chevrolet Corvette, probably a 6 speed too, a Buick Gran National, those are some bad to the bone 6 cylinder turbo'ed rides, you don't wanna mess with one of those if you see one on the roads. A racecar (spelled backwards is racecar :) probably doing a few donuts as a victory show. And a Ford Lightning, another SVT vehicle with the 5.4 supercharged engine and automatic transmission, one awesome truck.

* * Doing Burnouts in your vehicle is and can be very dangerous. It is very easy to get out of control, and/or lose control and cause bodily harm or death, not to just you, but to others that may be in the near-by vicinity. We at FastCoolCars do not recommend or promote such things, but, we know that it will go on, and there are some crazy folks out there that will continue to do these things, so we are just sharing that for visual entertainment.

1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, One of the Worlds fastest Street Legal Cars, 254.7 MPH

Kumho Red Smoking Tires - Many Pictures

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