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Thank you for taking the time to contact me Ron Landry at If you are contacting me about placing your vehicle on this web site, please include the category that your vehicle should be placed in. G.M., Ford, Chrysler, or Import. Also if you have any other pictures of your vehicles Engine, Interior, or close ups of the Wheels, then send them as well, since there are categories for each of those pictures. I can add hyper links to each posting connecting them all together. Two pictures per section is the usual amount, and all pictures should be as clear as possible, no one wants to look at blurry fast cool car pictures.

All the vehicles and descriptions listed on this site are basically uniformed. I try to make sure that all descriptions have a name, location, and contact email, so that others may be able to email the vehicle owner with potential questions or praise.

All pictures and descriptions placed on this site are placed solely by me, Ron. If I have made an error and placed something incorrect, (I am please email me and let me know, I will fix it promptly. If there is a description that seems a little odd or off, that is not necessarily my doing, I place the information for each privately owned vehicle as it is sent to me. Unfortunately not everyone can be as honest as me, or as knowledgeable. I may place things occasionally that may be off too, I learn something everyday, once again, just let me know in an email, and I can fix it.

If you are writing about placing a classifieds ad on Click Here for details.

Emails - - Please place suitable subject line in email.



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