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Eco Friendly Vehicles


Tesla's All Electric Vehicle
Tesla's All Electric Vehicle - Just one of many

Cool Eco Cars - Tons of pictures, and information.

Welcome to the Eco Vehicles section of Fast Cool Cars. Here I will add many different vehicles that are likely candidates for people transportation in the future. The future starts now, not in a week or a month, or in the next few years, but in the next moment, that is the future. It is our responsibility to cut down on the emissions that the vehicles that we drive are putting into our air that we breathe. Along with lowering the emissions we also need to increase the amount of miles per gallon that the vehicles that we continue to drive are getting while we make the transition from fossil fuels to other fuel and energy sources. It is time for us to start thinking out of the box, and start thinking about other ways to move the vehicles that we are building.

We also need to start thinking about other materials that can and should be used in the building process of any and all future vehicles. By this I mean there are many materials that we can be using to help with weight issues in new vehicles. Carbon Fiber is not a new product, but is not used as much as it can be in the automobile production industry. Carbon Fiber is very strong, and better yet it is lightweight, therefore less weight requires less power to move it. This along with lots of other metal composites and engineering changes can greatly help to reduce the overall weight each vehicle weighs, and in turn it will raise the amount of miles or hours a vehicle can travel.

I will be adding new vehicles to this section regularly and staying on top of the newest, most modern and technologically advanced vehicles. Check back here occasionally and see what the world has to offer to the public. There are many automobile manufacturers that are very concerned about this topic. Maybe not particularly for the same reasons that you and I are. But never the less they fortunately are doing  what is needed to be done, mostly by the government raising the bar to make them produce better, more reliable, and most importantly, more efficient vehicles.

Most of us probably think of Honda when we think hybrid vehicles, some may think of Toyota, but be assured that most every vehicle manufacturer is or has at one time given thought to other alternative fuels and more efficient vehicles. What this means is that not long from now most all automotive builders will be building vehicles that are eco friendly. This could also mean that we will more than likely be fading out the fossil fuel vehicles and introducing new alternative types of energy. Who knows, we may be able to find new solutions to switch over our current vehicles to a newer type fuel that doesn't produce any pollution, or at least a lower amount.

We, as a world, need to look at our situation as a collective. We need to have a better understanding of  what we have done to our earth in the past, and make corrections to reverse the impact that we have made on the Earth. While we are doing what we can and making the transition from what we drive now to the new and more efficient vehicles, we can try and make what we have now more efficient. By this I mean doing things that will lessen the impact that we make upon the earth, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. What I am talking about are things like combining all of your trips planned for one day into one trip, therefore being more efficient in getting your errands and things you needed done completed. I have a list of other things that can and will help to save fossil fuels and lower your gasoline bill while treating the world better. Click Here to see other Fuel Saving Tips.

I realize that some will think that they alone can't and won't make a difference on the impact that the earth is taking. But be assured that everyone that does do what is good, and has the intention of making the Earth a better place to live will get just that. We all inhabit this planet together, it does not matter if you are in China, or the United States, neither does it matter if you are in the country many miles from town, or live in the middle of Boston, MA. We all have a duty to keep our world a beautiful place. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to educate ourselves on the possibilities of what is available to us as consumers. Another choice we have is to not use things that are not good for the environment. There are usually always other choices, and if there is not, then we need to find new choices.

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Tesla's All Electric Vehicle



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