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Model Search

Do you Want to be the Next Famous Model?

Fast Cool Cars is currently searching for female models who would like to have the opportunity to have their pictures seen by millions of people. Some models may also be chosen to represent Fast Cool Cars at major National car shows (such as the NOPI Nationals), which will include doing meet and greets, autographing pictures of yourself to give to fans, and posing for pictures with fans as well. This is a major opportunity for an up-and-coming model. Every month, over five million visitors visit Fast Cool Cars and view the pictures here. If you are chosen as a model, your pictures will be in a very prominent position on this site, most likely on the home page and many other pages.

This site is owned and managed by Ron Landry. Photo shoots will be done by Ron, who has photography experience, or by a hired photographer. You will receive a great deal of exposure by having your pictures on this website. If you travel to car shows with us, your expenses will be paid. If you'd like to be considered, please send your stats (listed below) and images to us. Please send good quality (not overly huge) images and send at least one (preferably more) good bikini shot. We don't want to guess what you look like in a bikini. Nearly all of the car pictures will be with model(s) in bikinis, short skirts, etc. (No nude modeling required.) If you have moral issues with modeling in a sexy manner, please do not apply. If you'd like to see some of the NOPI models from last year's car show, check out this link: NOPI Models. Look at the pictures in the last three or four rows.

Send email with answers and pictures attached to Please include the following:

Email Address:
Other Contact Info:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Chest Size (in inches):
Waist Size (in inches):
Hip Size (in inches):
Dress Size (American):
Cup Size:
Shoe Size (American):
Please list any previous modeling experience you have: (if you have none, that's okay too.)

Personal Questions

1. Are you employed or in school? If so, how many hours a week do you work/go to school or have other obligations?

2. Do you have children?

3. Do you have a possessive boyfriend/husband who tries to control you? (That's more trouble than we are willing to bother with.)

4. Can you travel to car shows (expenses paid)?

5. Are you friendly and outgoing?

6. Do you consider yourself "sexy"?

7. Any other comments or anything you'd like us to consider about you?




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